This is Just a Test

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index.jpgRecent revelations by a former Concordia Student Union Executive have cracked open the case of ineptitude and corruption that is the legacy of our last four years of right-wing dummies in office. The individual executive has resigned and told our school paper, The Link, that they won by scheming with the administration and that now the executvie is more interested in having drinks with CV-enhancing bigwigs than actually tending to student issues, of which there are several. Pictured to the left is the current CSU president, who presumably got to his position by virtue of his car salesman smile and not strong morals or big brains…But those who know politics know that few have strong moral compasses and that it doesn’t take a genius to get to the top. Take the current president dope who instead of flat out denying allegations made against him and his “team” by the former exec, instead says he had something about the collusion with the administration while drinking and as a joke. Now that there is a brainiac, making himself sound even worse in the public eyes. To help these poor souls who come to power by duping students and making back room deals with the administration, I’ve created a little test. It’s called:


Question 1:
Are you best friends with the Chief Electoral Officer of the race you’re running in? Alternately: Do you go out for regular drinks with the current CEO of the race you’re running in?
[Yes or No]

Question 2:
Do you make promises to students that you know you have no hope in hell or even any intention of keeping?
[Yes or No]

Question 3:
Do think that the total corporatization of campus is a great idea?
[Yes or No]

Question 4:
Do you think that “good activism” is signing online petitions, and the rest involves smashing windows?
[Yes or No]

Question 5:
Have you been hand-picked for your position by other, older, more experienced political cattle handlers, and actually have no clue what you’re doing, how to do your job, or any real sense of what it means to run a student union?
[Yes or No]

OK, so if you answered “Yes” to all five of these questions, you are probably an executive of our current CSU, have been one in the last four years, or will be running as one this March. The fact that you can read and write is a good start, but I implore you, get a little more involved, activism is about community, and at Concordia you’ve put a serious dent in it. It’s time for repairs.