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Steven Rosenshein finally de-robed

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OK maybe there is a god. I’ve just taken a gander at damning documents from Concordia’s health care provider that show details of how the little politico-miscreant Steven Rosenshein tried to bribe ASEQ – attempting to elicit 25,000 in cold hard cash from them as, an, er, “campaign contribution.” (including a sworn affidavit) Rosenshein and the other disgusting bunch of self-serving liars that seized Concordia’s student union back in 2003 are responsible for many things on campus, and they extend WAY beyond broken campaign promises like free laptops and heated…read more


Finally, the media gets it (almost) right

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The Montreal Mirror printed a story today about a recent screening of a Cinema Politica film at Concordia that I helped organize. While the piece does make me sound like some raving, volatile activist freak, hats off to Patrick Ljtenyi, for printing my quote on the ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of Palestinian land by the Israeli government. It’s the first time any media has had the chutzpah to include the descriptor “illegal” in my quote. Shalom! From the Mirror (it’s short, so instead of linking, I’m reprinting…hopefully they don’t sue me): ConU…read more