Suffering Fools – Post CSU Election Rant Part I

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4-2-01.jpgThe corrupted old song has stolen the soul of Concordia’s Student Union for a fifth year in a row. I’d like to rant about how stupid Concordia students are and how they get just what they deserve, but alas, one cannot blame the oppressed instead of the oppressor. This year’s Unity slate won by apparently 1,000 votes, but it may as well be 150,000 as the numbers are a creative exercise in repressing democracy. What these vultures have succeeded in doing for another year is rigging another election in their favour. They have worked with an equally corrupted administration that makes me ashamed to call myself a Concordia alumni. They have censored student media by removing the independent student newspaper from stands because the issue contained truths about just how corrupt they are. They installed the slimiest human being at Concordia – Steven Rosenshein – illegally in a position just because they were so afraid to deal with someone with real politics on council like Ethan Cox. And of course, there were no lines this year, barely anyone voted, but apparently a whopping 7,000 students did. What does it matter? There is no independent body regulating this, there is no access to process, no access to ballots, no third party monitoring of the ballots for the duration of their life cycle.

If this was in some countries we would overthrow them, occupy their offices and take away their privileges. We would shame them as they rightfully deserve to be shamed. If this weren’t the affluent and apathetic West we would TAKE OVER. But it is not, so we look to eachother and say “how is this happening? Again?” instead of saying, “Right, how do I go in there and kick their corrupt, miserable and ignorant asses?”

I may sound bitter, and I am. I am not bitter because they win and “we” lose. No, I am moving on beyond CSU politics at Concordia to a better experience with (I hope) people that practice integrity with their politics. Why I am bitter is because this impish gang of half-wits continues to be installed year after year by the fat and corrupted behind the scenes (such as Brent Farrington). If they won fairly, or even because of voter stupidity I would not be so bitter. Because they win by cheating and we have done nothing to stop them makes me, well, bitter.

And they eat babies.