Pathetic Blogger Provides More Excuses

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OK, so here’s the deal, I’ve been writing several new and exciting blog entries to upload to the site, but technology has been failing me and time schedules have been working against me. I can’t upload my dispatches until I go to the one internet cafe we’ve found that works for my laptop, then things will get going. We’re leaving Sofia on Wednesday so tomorrow, Tuesday, I will post two dispatches with photos, then finish up with the last few from Canada. After that, I will return to my eratic and irrational political rants. For those who have kept up with me and remain hanging from the last entry about the mountain adventure, rest assured, the last 9 days have been filled with seaside adventures, masitca-induced blackouts, swimming with dolphins, dining at hidden restaurants complete with mussel farms, visiting ancient ruins, bachelor parties in the Sofia suburbs (don’t think Canadian style suburbs, because these are nothing like), traditional Bulgarian weddings and subsequent dance parties, and more. I basically need to upload the photos and dispatches already written from my laptop before I can continue here (I’m on Svetla’s sisters computer). It’s lame I know, but for those of you who have been faithfully reading, don’t lose faith just yet, tomorrow is the day – I mean it this time.