Gimme Some docs

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Whew!! Writing from extremely cold cold cold Winnipeg where snow is on the ground and chill is in the bones. I’m here for the Gimme Some Truth documentary project – a film festival and conference happening in the city between November 6th and 9th. Myself and Tom Waugh were asked to come and speak about Challenge for Change as we approach the final editing stages of our book on the same subject. It’s been nice to see some of the people from the IMAA conference I attended in Kelowna last May, and today I saw a great video art performance installation. So for today and tomorrow and maybe Monday, I’m throwing out the odd blog about my experiences here at my real online gig, Art Threat. Check out my posts about Gimme Some Truth there.

And as I get ready to fly back to Montreal tomorrow, I’ll reflect on my recent stint of Canada-trotting from Montreal to Ottawa to Montreal to Vancouver to Montreal to Ottawa to Montreal to Winnipeg to Montreal, all in the span of about eight days. My eco-footprint is now the size of Manitoba. I have one more presentation to give in Ottawa on Tuesday (on my Female Suicide Bomber paper), then I’m really really done with all this extra craziness. From then until Xmas it will just be two papers and Cinema Politica. Ahh, the sweet smell of the end of a busy, frenetic time….

So check out my posts at Art Threat people – I’m hanging out with doc legends up here!!