December Snow

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wt_dvd_cover.jpgIt’s a beautiful evening in Montreal, a light dusting of snow is muting our street and probably the city. I’ve been snowed in here for the last two weeks writing two papers to finish up my term. The first one, on cinematic representations of female suicide bombers, is done and sent to the prof. The second one, on the history of cultural industry theory, is about to envelope me. Sound exciting? At least it’s snowing…

Also, Wal-Town The Film was just broadcast twice on Canada’s third largest broadcast network, TVO (TV Ontario) and despite predictable crummy reviews from the National Post and the Globe and Mail, we’ve received some inspiring emails from people who watched the film. I’m pasting the latest one below to give an idea of the kind of support that has come in – support that keeps us going through the Canadian winter…

Dear Wal-Town:

I’ve finally seen your movie, and I was so grateful I got to see it, I even purchased a copy!

I wanted to email you and let you know that you are NOT ALONE! My family and I have not shoped at walmart for 4 years, (besides one emergency trip for a car seat, when none could be purchased elsewhere!) We get many a stares and funny looks when people find out we don’t shop there!

I want to be of some sort of active assistance. Please inform me of what I could possibly do. Because as a mother of 2 young children, working pt and a husband who works away from home, my time and money is limited. But I believe in this, and would like to be more active!

Congrats on making people think, and look at their choices! I feel supported too! Thanks for making the movie!