Chomsky and international TV on Israel’s assault on Gaza – plus a free documentary download

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Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land

The internet is facilitating a tidlewave of alternative, off the mainstream map exchange of media on Israel’s attack on Gaza, which has so far claimed the lives of over 1200 Palestinians (one quarter of whom are children and over one half of whom are civilians) and 13 Israelis, four killed by their fellow soldiers. Just this afternoon Svetla, a friend and myself watched a live Al Jazeera television broadcast from Tel Aviv, where the Israeli government announced it would be ceasing its deadly attack at 2AM tonight.

How did we watch this live broadcast without television in our home? Through the internet, by way of an amazing service our friends Chadi and Sabine just told us about: LiveStation. Live Station is a free download player that streams feeds from international news television from all over the world, many in English. This is a GOD SEND. We watched Al Jazeera English all morning and saw things you will NEVER see in Western corporate media (WCM), from a perspective that is well, actually connected to the arab communities they report on. They also tend to focus news on the Global South, the three-quarters of the planet’s population that is usually relegated to stories of famine, war and genocide in WCM. The only problem is, we never leave our home again…

Other media that has been sent to me is an excellent talk by Chomsky at MIT last week. The one hour audio file can be streamed for free here. And many already know this news, but here it is again: The Media Education Foundation (MEF) has taken the unprecedented move and made one of their feature-length documentaries available in its entirety for free download. Visit this link to stream or download Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: US Media and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.