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Halifax and Beyond

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Earlier this month I had the pleasure and privilege of participating in NSCAD’s Cineflux Symposium, an academic gathering that explores the “old new” forms, modes, practices and theories of cinema. My Postdoctoral supervisor, Dr. Darrell Varga, invited me to present a paper on the politics of presence and documentary activist screening spaces, which was indeed given to a receptive audience on the last Sunday morning of the symposium. There was a slight hiccup with my arrival for my panel, as my phone was still set to Montreal time and the…read more


Gimme Some docs

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Whew!! Writing from extremely cold cold cold Winnipeg where snow is on the ground and chill is in the bones. I’m here for the Gimme Some Truth documentary project – a film festival and conference happening in the city between November 6th and 9th. Myself and Tom Waugh were asked to come and speak about Challenge for Change as we approach the final editing stages of our book on the same subject. It’s been nice to see some of the people from the IMAA conference I attended in Kelowna last…read more


First snow

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I always love the first snowfall – I get a bit giggly and giddy like I used to when my mom would let me miss school on account of a “snow day.” That was back in BC where the white cold stuff was a bit of an anomoly. But on this chilly October night in Ottawa, it’s not that surprising. Still, I couldn’t resist taking a crummy photo with this phone I’m presently blogging with…22 centimeters of snow after 3 hours on a Greyhound, 3 hours of a graduate seminar,…read more


Letter to the editor: Bulgaria’s environment needs heroes

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Before I left Bulgaria, I (rather quickly) wrote up a letter on the train trip from Melnick to Sofia concerning the state of Bulgaria’s environment and the need for a strong civil society to step forward and preserve and protect one the most beautiful places on the planet. It was printed in the August 8th edition of the Sofia Echo, an English-language weekly newspaper in Bulgaria. They also published it online here. The photo above is a graphic of what the once-wild, camping-friendly Sunny Beach on Bulgaria’s Black Sea now…read more


Iphone blog

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This is my first attempt to blog from my new iPhone. I’m currently on the Hasidic bus from Montreal to New York…I can see now that blogging this way is not as convenient as having a keyboard, but I had to try it! New York here I come!