Can advertising become ethical?

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I saw this amazing advert recently (or more correctly, PSA – Public Service Announcement) by Duval Guillaume, commissioned by Medicins sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders). It’s called “Human Ball” with the tagline, “Don’t let AIDS gain more ground.” It is a simple concept, with fairly straightforward computer animation, but the lasting effect is superbly moving: what effects one of us, ultimately effects many of us. The video was produced for their campaign against AIDS. Thanks to Alternative Channel for the embedding code and for housing the ACT (Advertising Community Together) project, which has as its goal:

“…to federate, inspire and promote great work in advertising and communication, in favor of social responsibility and sustainable development, and to show how advertising plays a significant role in raising awareness in today’s crucial world issues.” (quote taken from the ACT page at Alternative Channel)

The campaign from AdForum is from 2006, but is news to me – I guess I should pay a little more attention to those seeking my attention…