Back from the dead and in BC

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A lot has happened in the five or so weeks since my last post: I suffered an evil sinus infection that laid me out for about a month and reminded me of just how much Quebec’s health care is in the dumpster; I applied a third time to the Canada Council for the Arts for Cinema Politica (hoping the odds of being turned down three times in a row are, well too unlucky for even us); I wrote my end-of-first year comprehensive PhD exams; I found out I passed (wooohoooo!!); I curated the first ever Cinema Politica International Film Festival (taking place in Romania); I rewrote an essay for a class; and I flew to British Columbia.

Indeed, as the monsoon raging outside my window in my parent’s house in Courtenay tells me: I am definitely back in BC. When I arrived in Vancouver late last night it occurred to me three distinct signs that I had left Montreal and was in Van: everyone was wearing flip-flops (on dirty city streets no less!), Olympics propaganda ran amok, and lastly, when I asked a man on the street early this morning to point me in the direction of a cup of coffee, he indicated I could walk approximately one block in any direction and find a Starbuck’s. Oh, and hooligans have been drinking and smashing up stuff on the beaches of English Bay, another tell-tale sign that I’m not in Montreal, where the only smashing up of stuff occurs after a hockey game or some punk shows and is exacted on police property….

At any rate, I am alive and I shall thus return to the land of blogging and resume my virtual geek self. I’m in BC for three weeks and shall keep my three blog locations humming (Art Threat, Canada Screens, and this one).