A Simple Curve

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I recently had the pleasure of watching a Canadian fiction feature that has come out on DVD in the last year. Thank the film gods that there are independent video stores like Montreal’s Boite Noir, or I may have never discovered the little gem called A Simple Curve.

The fim’s plot is suggested in the title – a tidy little arc about a father and son living in British Columbia’s absolutely stunning Slocan valley. The son, played by Kris Lemche, is growing increasingly testy with both his business relationship with his father, played by Michael Hogan, and their back-to-the-land ways.

A couple of traveling hippies the dad takes in edge Caleb closer to flight, but of course he cannot deny his own history and the life he has built with his father, who has something crucial to tell the aspiring woodworker and local love catch.

With breathtaking cinematography of the Slocan Valley as well as some damn fine woodwork and woodworking (I’m a carpenter after all), excellent acting and a fine soundtrack the film is a Canadian cinema treat. I’m surprised actually, that Aubrey Nealon’s debut feature is so compelling to look at, considering the story itself is not that original.

But a clever script and believable characters brought out by talented actors and a very talented director amount to a funny, sweet and visually stunning fiction work.

This film has won several awards including kicking ass at the Leo’s in 2006, and has received critical acclaim. But we are in Canada, and this is a very Canadian film, meaning YOU have to do the work to see it. It did not enjoy any run with theaters across the country and can by purchased online with Amazon or at the film’s site, or rented at a handful of very fine video stores across the country.

I’ve selected the clip above because it shows the gorgeous cinematography that captures the essence of the Slocan, and it’s also a very funny scene with Caleb on the outdoor can. Enjoy!