A documentary decade

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doc_decade.jpgIt’s reading break, and between Svetla’s birthday, a roudy trip to Quebec City for Carnival, and some recent private screenings with friends and drinks, I am trying to clear the cobwebs before the reading begins. The film we recently previewed over a few beer was Terror’s Advocate, worth checking out, but not a great doc to wade into without a truckload of a priori knowledge. The film covers so much historical ground that I was often lost and need of rest stops with a bit more clarification. Still, a very intriguing man and a very intriguing life as a politico, lawyer and anti-colonialist.

Now that my office is cleaned up and organized, I’m about to sit down and work on some essays, book reviews, research on films on terrorism (it’s turning into a habit), and of course drafting up the many papers I’ve committed to give at upcoming conferences. I’m hoping to go to Stockholm this summer, and maybe Berlin. I got turned down for the cultural conference in Istanbul, sadly. As a final note, I had forgot to include a link to the pdf four-page spread of my article in POV magazine on RIDM’s tenth anniversary. It was a couple of months ago, but it’s never too late to self-promote (the picture at left is the first page of the spread)..