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The fish farm conspiracy

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This is a great independent doc by a friend from British Columbia. It is absolutely shocking to see the lengths the provincial and federal governments are going to in order to not allow the dissemination of information about the role of BC fish farms in the destruction of wild salmon populations. According to the doc, wild salmon are being killed off in alarming numbers and independent studies show the diseases are linked to fish in West Coast farms, who are carrying viruses and pathogens from Norway. I’m particularly disturbed by…read more


Sunita Narain: “If Bush Was in Kindergarten, Obama Is in First Grade”

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Sunita Narain, on Democracy Now, is in one word, AMAZING. As the Copenhagen talks dismantle, Narain reminds us of what the leaders and elite of the wealthiest countries do not want to hear, face, address, or otherwise even acknowledge: “The inconvenient truth is not that climate change is real, but that confronting climate change is about sharing that growth between nations and people. The rich must reduce so that the poor can grow.” – Sunita Narain, Centre for Science and Environment, Delhi, India