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Streaming Truth to Power: CPVOD Launches!

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The last 48 hours have been quite the whirlwind of activity at Cinema Politica HQ here in Montreal. We’ve been planning a launch date for our newest expansion of the political cinema terrain: Cinema Politica Video-On-Deman (or #CPVOD as we like to call it for short). Anna, our fearless Network Coordinator (she works with all the CP locals, or chapters, worldwide) came up with the brilliant turn-of-phase above, Streaming Truth to Power (a riff on our tag-line mandate: “screening truth to power”). Marie-Noelle has been multi-tasking design and translation to…read more

Launching the Cinema Politica Book

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Above: from left to right, at the Cinema Politica book launch: Svetla Turnin, John Greyson, Thomas Waugh and Ezra Winton. High up on the eleventh floor of Concordia’s EV (Engineering and Visual Arts) building in downtown Montreal 150 or so people gathered as a sun set reflected in orange hues across a range of high-rise buildings. In our own way we had organized an event that embodied the intriguing marriage of art and engineering, mostly expressed in the presentation by the unstoppable, insanely inspiring and altogether heroic human John Greyson…read more

Ezra and Svetla in the Montreal Mirror

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Patrick Lejetnyi interviewed us a while back and the fruits of his labour are published in this week’s Montreal Mirror. Rachel Granofsky also took a great photo of us (to the left) where we look some dorky art couple (OK I look dorky), but nevertheless, it’s a great photo. All this promo is to help kick off our 5th anniversary and 10th edition of Cinema Politica Concordia. Let’s hope it pays off! Check out the article: Celluloid Politics: Cinema Politica celebrates five years of free, weekly and controversial screenings. And…read more


The year of Grant

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Svetla’s friend’s seaside camping neighbours in Bulgaria called me “Hugh” secretly because they couldn’t pronounce my name and I apparently reminded them of Hugh Grant. Well recent news has got me convinced that they should have been calling me “Grant” in keeping with the likeness but also by reflecting this summer’s spat of excellent news. I’m back in Montreal now and yesterday I checked the PO Box for Cinema Politica and found what has ominously lain there twice before: a large white and cream envelope from the Canada Council for…read more