POV Magazine – Special issue on education

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It’s a busy month already: a book about to be launched in a few weeks (see last post), finishing up my Second PhD comprehensive exam (hopefully, fingers and discursive tentacles crossed), and the new POV Magazine is out with an article I wrote on documentary as a tool for education. The cover is pictured at the left so you can spot it on the newsstands – it comes out this week across Canada. If you can’t find it in the meat world, you can go to the virtual source and order a subscription online.It’s the first thematic issue and they chose education, a great theme for documentary of course. I argue in my piece that documentary cinema is an effective and much-needed tool for education – for students, teachers and the rest of us. Docs already provide an alternative, critical education and often accomplish much more than a textbook can. It’s for this reason and others I outline in the article that we need to seriously take up programs and policies of media literacy in Canada. The lens through which we view the world is increasingly audio-visual – it’s not time to fight it or engage in moral panics, but prepare our citizens with the abilities needed to critically engage with all the media saturating our daily lives. Check out my article if that mini-rant didn’t bore you….