Sunshine and puppies (and Harper hell)

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Stephen Harper and his Tory-bots are slashing millions from the already beleaguered CBC. This most recent brutal assault on the arts in Canada will have the effect of pushing the broadcaster even closer to a full embrace of the market model. As it is the CBC has been surviving by pretending to be a private media company instead of a public broadcaster, due in large part to cuts and a market ideology that has permeated media and arts in this country since Mulroney set out to remake the country in his own, nasty, privatized, profit-hungry image. Ugh. Adding insult to injury, I hear Harper is planning bail-outs for the private sector. Are Canadians stupid enough to buy this crap? I doubt it. Will we storm the bastions and pull this bastard down? I doubt it. At least Avaaz and the Friends of Candian Broadcasting are doing something.

But, it’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the sort-of left won the Concordia Student Union election at Concordia early this morning, ending a long reign of error fashioned by the furor himself, Brent Farrington. Not only has this political Capone been behind the last several right wing idiots messing up the student union, but he apparently makes 80 grand a year working at the Canadian Federation of Students! Oh the corporate sector is the place to be folks…

But where was I? It’s a beautfiul day. Yes. I’m happy like sunshine and puppies happy. So I give you this awesome little video: