My book review on Zoë Druick’s “Projecting Canada”

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512rfiw8mll_aa240_.jpgNouvelle <<vues>> sur le cinéma québécois has published my review of Projecting Canada: Government Policy and Documentary Film at the National Film Board, published by McGill-Queens University Press, in 2007. The review appears to have one grammatical error, and I’m not sure if that’s my fault or has happened later in the process, but it’s up and waiting to be read.

The one problem with the journal’s site is that it is in php, and is a bit frustrating to navigate while also not allowing direct links to parts of the site. Therefore, all I can offer here is a link to the main page, and you’ll have to click through and dig around to find my article (and other great stuff too of course). Here is the link:

Short and sweet, I’ve got to get back to multitasking, which of course includes listening to the best alternative news program in North America, Democracy Now, which on this Thursday has a segment looking at the 9/11 Commission Report and just how much information was retrieved through torture. Amy Goodman rocks, period.