Concordia corruption knows no ends

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corruption_india.jpgConcordia, how I miss thee! As I pack my bags tonight and ready myself for another trip to Ottawa for classes at Carleton, I’ve been thinking: how did things get so utterly Orwellian at Concordia? As of late, I’ve heard from student friends who were being incredibly radical by handing out flyers on campus, ones that called for “free education,” when members of Concordia’s current Student Union Executive including the easily influenced Noah Stewart and his sidekick sycophant Angelica something-or-other called security to have them removed! Damn those radicals! (the authoritarian ones that is, who rely on hired muscle rather than reason, ethics and intelligence)

I also witnessed a recent Teaching and Research Assistant Union Election overrun by herd-politics. Chauvinist engineers ran other engineers for Union Executive positions that candidates actually hadn’t even memorized (some of them having to turn around and see what title was written next to their name on the black board behind them) yet every engineering student blindly voted them in, displaying a new kind of repulsive cronyism that I thought was only reserved for the Conservative party.

Aside from student corruption and self-interest, the administration is of course up to no good, inspiring the Montreal Gazette to run and editorial asking the school to get its act together and start acting public.

images.jpgAnd next up, a recent article in Maclean’s magazine (I finally get a good quote in the mainstream national media) details the Concordia administration’s denial problem: this time that they actually have a star chamber called the Risk Assessment Committee, which has believe you me, tried to shut down at least one Cinema Politica screening.

Ah, Concordia, when will you grow up, and realize that the University is public and is for learning, and not for social control, profit and job-rearing?