Thesis successfully defended – Woop!

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thesis_bw.jpgAfter a long, long hiatus I’m back to report that yesterday I successfully defended my MA thesis (picture on the left is me after defense with my profs)!! I have a few minor revisions to make, but basically I’m all set to start my PhD. I had charged my cell phone and waited for calls last night, but alas, defending a thesis seems to not measure up to getting married or having a baby. Speaking of which, congratulations to my niece, Sarah, who has just had a baby girl and given her the interesting name of Clarity Ann – I like it! In other news, please check out my (ir)regular blogging on Art Threat, a political art magazine that is also on a bit of a summer hiatus. For the next couple of weeks I’m busy working for filmmaker and professor Liz Miller, helping to develop a grassroots distribution and exhibition strategy for her new doc, The Water Front, an excellent piece about a community in the States fighting against the privatization of their resource. I’m also working for Tom Waugh, doing research and organizing the book that he, myself and Michael Baker are co-editing on Challenge for Change.

So, as I resolutely and perhaps foolishly stay off of Face Book, I may even continue to post here from time to time. Until then enjoy the last few days of summer!